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Family enterprise

In Germany, Kehr represents the best service, the most modern logistics and the most efficient delivery ability

Richard Kehr Co. Ltd was founded in 1924 in Germany, is a successful family business, has now developed to the third generation. Current leaders of the company are Hanns-Heinrich and UIrich Kehr two brothers. The company is mainly engaged in offline pharmaceutical wholesale with more than 80 thousand SKUs. Products include medical care, beauty care, mother and baby care, and other aspects. Besides, Kehr supplies for over 50% pharmacies in Germany. Kehr is the ideal partner to all pharmacies from Lowersaxony to North Rhine Westphalia and from Saxony to Saxony Ann Hart.

Supply region and logistics network

With modern logistics and great distribution ability, Kehr has 15 warehouses that covers 6 federal states of Germany

Kehr and Kehr Holdermann deliver about 125000 drug packages to pharmacies everyday.
In a very fast supply speed , Kehr and Kehr Holdermann supply products for pharmacies with 195 air-crafts.
Acted as a pharmaceutical wholesaler, Kehr offers customer-oriented service. Modern logistics and great distribution lay a foundation for perfect service for pharmacies, customers and doctors.

Online stores of Kehr in China

In 2017, during his trip to Germany, general manager of 3H Medical-Zhu Zhiyang, has cooperated with Kehr to set up online sales brand 3hapo-pro in China, and the brand is settled in Tmall shop.