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  • Baby Dan A/S was founded in Denmark in 1947 and engaged in the production of carts and furniture products at the beginning.
  • Baby Dan had tried to product safety gates from 1968.
  • The warehouse covers an area of 17,000 square meters, and Baby Dan has worked on the design and production of security doors for 49 years until now.
  • Main products are safety doors and accessories for infants, safety protection products for infants, small furniture products for infants, infant bedding products and other baby supplies.
  • Baby Dan believes it is their mission to create a safe environment for children to live and play. Baby Dan has always taken a serious attitude to undertake the responsibility of producers and is committed to safety, functionality, quality and design of the products.
  • In addition to the safety, quality, function and design of the products during the production, Baby Dan still pays attention to environmental protection, and all products have passed the ISO14001 certification of environmental protection. The design concept of Baby Dan takes into account the integration of tradition and fashion, and many products have won the best innovation award.