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  • The origin of ORION can be back to 1948, with the development of 70 years, ORION has become the largest chain stores of sex toys in Germany.
  • As early as the beginning of 1980s, ORION set up subsidiaries in Austria and Switzerland. Now, ORION and its subsidiaries have spread all over the world and regions. A whole system of production, wholesale and retail has been created.
  • Its headquarter locates in Flensburg, Germany, with employee of 1,000 (among which, 300 from headquarters). The area of office and warehouse is about 18,500 square meters. Currently, the quantity of products in warehouse is between 70,000 and 80,000 everyday. The warehouse almost uses modern automation technology to complete the packing and shipment of the products. The warehouse can provide products for wholesalers and retailers scattered around 5 continents and 170 speciality stores in Europe at the same time. The warehouse has a great storage capacity and flexibility.
  • The products of ORION are up to 12,000, nearly all exciting products connected with sexy life are included among them. Besides of sexy lingerie, enlightening films, erotic publications, DVD and various sex toys, ORION also provides professionally produced drugs and cosmetics.
  • It’s of many meanings that the company use the name of ORION. Orion is a constellation that is given a love story. ORION is a symbol of immortal love about Diana and Orion in Greek mythology. Named after Orion, it expresses the company’s persistence and pursuit for “sexy”, which is totally in accordance with the concept of “more fun in twos”.