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To innovate technology and develop products, a company needs to invest fund, human resource and equipment. Meanwhile, technology development needs more big investment and undertaking of high risks. Only when we apply for patents and establish knowledge barriers and strengthen our economic status, can we have the exclusive right to our own technological innovation achievements and realize the protection of intellectual property rights.

3H pays much attention to technical innovation of enterprise. Every innovation may bring numerous achievements, and patents will come.

From its foundation to today, the number of 3H’s national patents has increased from several to 53. 3H has gone through countless technological reform and innovation, and they all show the values of 3H. Among the 53 national patents, the number of invention patent is seven, the number of patent for utility models is eight, the number of design patent is thirty-eight. Currently, striped rehabilitation adhesive tape, patent for utility models of 3H, won the “Nanjing excellent award for patent for utility models” in November, 2010. As to design talent, Kinesiology Tape (waist & back) won the “Nanjing excellent award for design patent” in April,2013 and Therapy Spiral Tape(two) won the award in April, 2014.

The competition of future world is the competition of intellectual property rights. It ‘s well believed that the technological innovation of 3H will step up a higher location and has a bright tomorrow on the road of intellectual property rights.

  • Adhesive tape with air vent

    Patent Number:
    ZL 2009 2 0043073.3

  • Striped rehabilitation adhesive tape

    Patent Number:
    ZL 2009 2 0043074.8

  • Composite hydrogel dressing

    Patent Number:
    ZL 2012 2 0263673.7

  • Hydrogel medical dressing

    Patent Number:
    ZL 2012 2 0263327.9

  • PEG hydrogel structure

    Patent Number:
    ZL 2013 2 0263262.8